Traffic Sentinel Scheme

Do traffic offenders bother you?

Become a Traffic Sentinel and assist Chandigarh Traffic Police in enforcing traffic rules

About the Scheme

Chandigarh Traffic Police is seeking active participation of citizens in enforcement of traffic rules and regulations through its revamped “Traffic Sentinel” scheme. Alert citizens who wish to contribute to making Chandigarh roads safer are acting as a force multiplier for traffic police by capturing violations of traffic rules on their smart phones and harnessing the power of social media to transmit the same to traffic police for issuance of postal challans. In the first seven months of this year, approximately 20,000 challans were issued by traffic police based on the inputs of Traffic Sentinels. During the National Road Safety Week observed every year, Chandigarh Traffic Police recognizes those Traffic Sentinels who are regular contributors. In the near future, the Chandigarh Traffic Police is going to launch a mobile App for enabling citizens to systematically report traffic violations. By become a Traffic Sentinel, anyone can help Traffic Police in enforcing traffic rules by capturing pictures/videos of visible traffic rules violations in Chandigarh, which can be forwarded to Chandigarh Traffic Police whatsapp No. 9779580985. On the basis of your inputs, e-challans will be issued.

Report Traffic Rules Violations

We encourage the general public to capture traffic rules violations using their cameras. Send photos/videos of violators within the jurisdiction of U.T Chandigarh to us by any of the following means:


While clicking photographs/videos please insure that the violation as well as vehicle number is clearly captured in the photograph/video. While uploading the video/photograph, please also provide the following mandatory information for taking necessary action:

  • Date and time of violation
  • Location of violation

Identity of any person reporting traffic rules violations will not be disclosed by Chandigarh Traffic Police.